viernes, 14 de enero de 2011

Tutoriales sin palabras

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Eskimimi dijo...


I'm glad that you enjoyed the tutorial on how to make fork pompoms, but I'd be grateful if people would respect my copyright by not removing my copyright watermark from my pictures when sharing my work.

Many thanks.

sfer dijo...

You're absolutely right, Eskimimi. I hadn't noticed. I actually didn't remove the copyright myself, but linked to a photo I found on a tumblr. I have now linked your original photo, instead of the tumblr one. Sorry about that.

Patricia dijo...

Estupendo¡¡ :)

Iris dijo...


Yo también me he quedado sin palabras, ¡absolutamente genial! Creo que me voy a pasar todo el fin de semana haciendo pompones... :P